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Our Services

SAS provides two primary investment solutions that can fit any wealth or asset management business. Our SMA program provides more customization for our partners' end-clients, while our Multi-Series LLC IDF is built for investment managers to scale quickly and efficiently.

As administrator, SAS is agnostic as to which solution is built for our partners and we collaborate with each of them to ensure the program is molded to achieve their long-term organizational goals.

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SAS Logo (White).png

Spearhead Separately Managed Account ("SMA") Program

Spearhead Administrative Services (SEC Registered RIA) has been approved as an administrator of Separately Managed Accounts (“SMAs”) on behalf of several major PPLI and PPVA carriers. Spearhead provides administrative services to each investment program, allowing our partners to focus solely on managing bespoke, customized investment solutions for their clients on an individual basis. We take great pride in creating tax-efficient offerings that leverage our partners' skills, knowledge, research and “edge.”

Spearhead Insurance Solutions IDF, LLC

The Spearhead Insurance Solutions IDF, LLC is a Delaware Multi-Series LLC where each Series is designated as its own Insurance Dedicated Fund ("IDF"). Each IDF Series is ring-fenced with its own assets and liabilities and operates independently of the other Series. Our structure is built to lift up an asset manager's taxable strategy and drop it into a tax-efficient structure.

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