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SAS is a premier administrator within Private Placement Life Insurance markets. Our platform provides Investment Managers a robust and cost-efficient investment chassis that is compliant for both Private Placement Life Insurance ("PPLI") and Private Placement Variable Annuity ("PPVA") contracts, which allows them to deliver bespoke investment solutions to their clients.

Our flexible platform allows us to work closely with our partners, which include Registered Investment Advisors, Asset Managers, Insurance Brokers and Insurance Carriers, in order to create a tax-efficient solution for high net worth individuals (both domestic and international), pensions, endowments and foundations. While SAS administers each investment program on an ongoing basis, we allow our partners to focus on what they do best, manage their clients' wealth.

SAS currently administers both SMA and IDF structures through the largest onshore and offshore life insurance companies in the Private Placement Life Insurance marketplace. 

SAS Logo (White).png
SAS Logo (White).png
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